Art Director

As part of the team at Koto, I was fortunate to work on a project that aimed to create a mobile app centered around personal finance and savings. Our team was tasked with developing conceptual ideas that aligned with the overall strategy and themes of the app, which was created by the copywriting team. 
Using the app's themes of economic growth, personal savings, and interest as a foundation, we began to brainstorm and ideate different concepts and ideas that could be incorporated into the app's design. Our main goal was to create a user-friendly and engaging experience that would help people achieve their financial goals.

I was tasked with creating a range of icons and symbols to represent the app's core ideas and values. To achieve this, I started by conducting thorough research on the app's mission, vision, and values, as well as the target audience and industry trends. Throughout the design process, I continued to refine and develop the concepts, focusing on different ways to incorporate themes of growth, flourishing, and progression.
I collaborated closely with the rest of the design team, receiving feedback and incorporating ideas from my colleagues to create a cohesive and unified set of symbols that effectively represented the app's core values.