Partition is an experimental display font that showcases a systematic approach to both construction and composition. With its bold contrast between thick "Old style" serifs and thin hairlines, Partition is exclusively constructed using triangle modules and lines within a 3x3 square grid. A geometric organic serif font with a blend of "Transitional" and "Oblique" styles, Partition evokes the nostalgia of 1960s retro-futuristic and space-age furniture design. Through its strict construction guidelines, the font boasts meticulously crafted dual characters that come together to form a square.
Partition's letterforms are defined by a harmonious balance between fluid curves and angular lines, achieved through strict repetition of strokes and angular emphasis. Not only is Partition visually engaging, it is also highly versatile and adaptable, allowing for greater creative freedom and customization in typesetting. Whether used for headlines, captions, or body text, Partition offers the user an unprecedented level of control and creativity in their typographic design choices.